Video Gaming

Come Meet Lady Luck With the New Gaming Machines at H.O.M.E.
As if you didn’t have enough reasons to come to the House of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights, we now have gaming machines that enable you to actually win money! We’re very lucky to have these at H.O.M.E., as not many establishments in the state of Illinois are given the opportunity. Come on down today and be among the first to try them out!

The Games
Right now, we have five brand new gaming machines ready to play. Each is fairly high-tech and allows you to play about 20 different games, including everything from old school gambling games like slots and video poker to newer ones that take a clever approach to video gaming.

The Beer
While you’re playing one of our new gaming machines, take a look at our extensive beer menu. We’re not some hole-in-the-wall bar with only one old “favorite” on tap; H.O.M.E. loves beer, so we make sure to always have a large selection. There are some three dozen beer options on tap to choose from, plus plenty of other choices in cans and bottles. You can stick with a classic like Bud or Miller, or go a little more adventurous with craft brewers like New Belgium and Revolution.
If you’ve got a big group, consider one of our table taps, with the beer tap right in the middle of the table. You’ll never have to wait for a server again! Just simply pour your own and the tap keeps track of how many you’ve had.

The Food
You’ve got your beer, you’ve got your games, so why not chow down on some gourmet bar food? The culinary artists in the kitchen have taken traditional bar food like pizza, wings, tacos, and burgers and taken them to the next level. We also recommend our H.O.M.E. rolls, our personalized take on the chimichanga.

Come to H.O.M.E. in Arlington Heights
The next time you’re over at the House of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights, be sure to check out our new video gambling machines. Remember that we’re at 1227 N. Rand Road. If you have any questions about the gaming, food, or entertainment we showcase, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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